Fun Home, currently running at the FAC in Colorado Springs, is a funny, compelling, brilliant, and much-needed show that everyone should go see. Why? Well, first off, because it's a great production, a tony winning musical with a genius script, fascinating characters, a perfect cast, excellent direction, and fantastic music performed excellently. It's a sad but uplifting story of family, love, and desire. Secondly, we need more love in this world. And Understanding. And peace would be awesome as well. I think the way we find those things is by listening to each other, to finding the beauty and magic that goes with being a human being, no matter how different one human being is from another. And if you go to this show, I think you will find all those things, and more.

I don't want to make it sound like this is a show you should see because it's "good for you". It's a solid piece of theatre, entertaining, diverting, and fun. Yes, I do think it will also fee…


There is a master class in hilarity, invention, and pure joy going on at the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College  right now, and it is called Ken Ludwig's Baskerville. The show is a tour-de-force of farce, satire, homage, performed with an intense amount of ability and talent by both cast and crew, with a team of designers and direction as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes himself.

The play is a comedy in the vein of The 39 Steps, with five actors portraying around 40 roles and giving a comedic version of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story "The Hound of the Baskervilles. The action of the play takes us all over both London, Devonshire and the Moors, with what feels like more scenes than some films. The tone is definitely madcap- a joyous insouciance that makes you happy to be alive, and like you are part of something unique as you watch it. The plot stays true to the original source, and I am fairly certain that Holmes's purists will enjoy it. I know my wife, who …


When I was fourteen years old, I saw a show that changed my life. It was called Man of La Mancha, and it was magic and tragic and transporting. I am not sure exactly what all the factors were that made me decide to pursue a career in theatre, but that production was a huge part of that decision. So it was with great excitement and anticipation that I headed to Colorado Springs to see the Fine Arts Center's current production. I demand perfection when it comes to Man of La Mancha, and have come to expect perfection when going to the FAC. I am happy to report, I got what I wanted.

This show is a treat, from start to finish, at once hard-hitting in its portrayal of a prison during the Spanish Inquisition while at the same time whimsical and charming in the telling of Don Quixote. This is a play about hope in the face of absolute despair, of finding the courage to be true to your ideals, regardless of your situation- a fitting theme for the world we find ourselves in of late. I don…


What's that saying about opinions and how everyone has one? Well, I think New Year's resolutions are like that too- we all have at least one. Most of us have many, and a lot of them are perennial favorites. I will lose weight. I will contact all those friends who have been lost to time and tide. I will blog more often. Yes, I will blog more often. Every damned day. Maybe twice daily. I will get that raise. I will speak from my heart. I will solve all my problems. I will solve all the world's problems. I will finish watching all the movies and series on my Netflix list. Same for Hulu and Amazon. I will, I will, I will.

And why not? We must have ambitions, dreams, goals. Right?

Well, this year, I felt the need for better resolutions. This was a direct result of the improbable, illogical, and insane election of the Great Orange Monkeyman from Queens as our President. First off, he lost the popular vote by almost three million. Second, he publicly made fun of a man with handic…


Scott RC Levy and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's Theatre Company have done it yet again- created a unique and exciting night of theatre that is both thoroughly engaging and completely entertaining. This is no surprise. They are by far the most consistently excellent theatre company in Colorado. Their latest gem is the interactive show Shear Madness, which has the distinction of being the longest running non-musical show in America.


It's easy to see why when sitting in the audience at the FAC. The play starts with a hilarious bit of physical comedy, segues into a clever farce, and then transforms into an interactive mystery with the audience helping to solve a murder. I don't want to say too much about the plot, as that will spoil it for you when you go to see it. (and you will go see it!) Suffice to say that the show takes place in a beauty shop, a murder takes place, and a detective shows up to solve the crime. The beauty shop is run by Tony, played with a…


Some days are magic. Plain and simple. You usually don't realize it until after it's over, because you are too busy in Magic Land, learning secret dances and singing ancestral songs of madness and love you didn't know you knew. But later, you think back to the wonderous day that was, and say to yourself: that was a magic day.

At least, that's how it is for me.

I had one of those recently, and I'm going to try to tell you what is was like, if I can.

That's the thing about Magic Days. It's hard to convey to people who weren't there what it was like. All you can do is give inklings, sketches, partial memories.  Even so, you feel compelled to tell the world what is was like- because so much of life can be mundane and drab and sad and rough, when a day comes along and reminds you that being alive is a wonder in and of itself, you have to share it, even though you know it's impossible to share it completely. You have to- because that's part of being a …


Ok. Shameless plug time. I teach playwriting for adults at the DCPA. It is a blast. People come in, we work on their plays, and at the end of class, there is a staged reading of ten minutes from the best of each students work.

It's really amazing to help someone find their voice; to be able to make them feel safe enough to take that huge risk that is writing something and having people read it out loud; to be one of the first to hear a new play.

I've already done two sessions this past year, and they were both amazing. Really cool work- about everything from clones to submarines, sex workers to rock stars- has come out of the class already. This past class was the first where we had actors from the DCPA education classes perform the work created in the playwriting class- and it was amazing. For a playwright, it is invaluable to have your work given life by actors.

I want to hear more!

If you live in Colorado, and want to join a writer's workshop that is both challenging, …