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WARNING:Reefer Madness the Musical, now playing at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, will get you high, baby. Can you dig it? High on life. High on great music, exciting choreography, brilliant design. High on watching amazing performers deliver with aplomb a fantastic, inventive show based on a hilariously out of whack cautionary movie from 1936 about the evils of the devil weed. Put simply, it will freak you out in the best way possible- and that ain't no jive.

The musical is presented as a mockumentary of sorts, complete with overly earnest narrator, or Lecturer, speaking directly to the audience about the terrible "facts" of marijuana and how the stuff is destroying the youth of America. The Lecturer tells us the infamous story of Jimmy Harper and Mary Lane, who of course have their lives turned upside down, irrevocably ruined, by the demon weed. When we meet Jimmy and Mary- played to perfection by Andrew Wilkes and Chelsea Ringer- they are your typical subur…



We used to call cricketts


My brother, sister, and I.

At night on a full Moon,
I would look out my window
and see silohuettes of
cats and trees
(and the red light
of a cigarette)

against the deep blue sky.

Whispers passed between us,
questions for my older brother to answer-

                                -which he always did.

Slowly the night would swallow us whole,
and for an
infinite moment,
I lost all sense

of up or down.

I was
(not flying but)
afraid I would never come back.

How long this lasted
I do not know.

Then I would hear the souls,
Singing in the night
Admiring the moon
Whispering to each other
Drawing me

and I would sleep,
safe and content,
Protected by their music.

Now, I no longer need
To shut my eyes to lose
my senses.

Every day I am
(not careening but)


And I must listen,
must learn to hear again,

The Souls,

admiring the Moon,

I must learn again,
to let the living violins
carry me Home,

And caress my
Worried heart.