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We All Should Be as Happy as Kings

And the leaves that are green turn to brown. Yes, they do- but on the way, they turn red and orange and yellow and all sorts of mystical Nameless (and thus more mysterious and powerful) colors.

It's a cold, drizzly sort of morning here in Colorado- one of those sloppy mixes of snow and rain that, upon first view from the bedroom window, made me think, "oh, don't tell me I have to go out in that". You know what I'm talking about- temperatures above freezing, but just a smidge, ground covered with wet leaves that will stick to your shoes and not come off until you're standing on the carpet you just vacuumed yesterday. The kind of day where a full winter coat is too much and the sweater you're wearing isn't quite enough to keep you from shivering.

And for a good twenty minutes I let myself succumb to the joys of boo-hoo-ing about it.

But I just can't do that for too long. I don't know why, exactly, but the world always seems to me to be this re…

Shake It Up

Seriously. Shake it up. Not to honor the old song by The Cars, though there's nothing wrong with that notion, but to get the proverbial juices flowing. Get out there and do something different for a moment, an hour, a day. Twist the scenery of your daily pageant and taste something new. Order a different drink at the bar, add cream to your black coffee or salt to your grapefruit.

That's right, salt your damn grapefruit. This has become a blog of daily confirmations, exhortations, and exhilaration. Why not? We let the world say the same old thing, day in and day out, every freaking day- and I have had enough.

More things that we all should do:

Buy the album Vinyl by D'Haene- up and coming band, will rock your soul.
Go to Prague and see my show, Cesta Horiciho Muze- because Prague rocks, and so does my show.
Talk to a total stranger. That's right- even if they have candy.

This isn't a new idea, I know- but it's one of those things we manage to learn and…