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Theatre, when done right, is a place of magic. For as long as people have been around, one of the things we the people do- in every part of the globe- is gather together in large groups, sometimes around fires, sometimes in large darkened rooms, sometimes in grand palaces of art, and listen to storytellers who through the power of imagination somehow take us far, far away and show us tales of adventure and joy and sorrow and wonder. It is both simple and vastly complex, this thing we do. And when it is done right, the stories we are told remind us what it means to be a human being; how scary and tragic and fun and sublime it is to exist. One of the places I love the most for these theatrical journeys of the soul is the Theatre at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, and this past week-end they yet again took my on a fantastic voyage that was thrilling, heart warming, and invigorating. They did this with a show called Peter and the Starcatcher, the best show on the boards  that I&…