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Scott RC Levy and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's Theatre Company have done it yet again- created a unique and exciting night of theatre that is both thoroughly engaging and completely entertaining. This is no surprise. They are by far the most consistently excellent theatre company in Colorado. Their latest gem is the interactive show Shear Madness, which has the distinction of being the longest running non-musical show in America.


It's easy to see why when sitting in the audience at the FAC. The play starts with a hilarious bit of physical comedy, segues into a clever farce, and then transforms into an interactive mystery with the audience helping to solve a murder. I don't want to say too much about the plot, as that will spoil it for you when you go to see it. (and you will go see it!) Suffice to say that the show takes place in a beauty shop, a murder takes place, and a detective shows up to solve the crime. The beauty shop is run by Tony, played with a…


Some days are magic. Plain and simple. You usually don't realize it until after it's over, because you are too busy in Magic Land, learning secret dances and singing ancestral songs of madness and love you didn't know you knew. But later, you think back to the wonderous day that was, and say to yourself: that was a magic day.

At least, that's how it is for me.

I had one of those recently, and I'm going to try to tell you what is was like, if I can.

That's the thing about Magic Days. It's hard to convey to people who weren't there what it was like. All you can do is give inklings, sketches, partial memories.  Even so, you feel compelled to tell the world what is was like- because so much of life can be mundane and drab and sad and rough, when a day comes along and reminds you that being alive is a wonder in and of itself, you have to share it, even though you know it's impossible to share it completely. You have to- because that's part of being a …


Ok. Shameless plug time. I teach playwriting for adults at the DCPA. It is a blast. People come in, we work on their plays, and at the end of class, there is a staged reading of ten minutes from the best of each students work.

It's really amazing to help someone find their voice; to be able to make them feel safe enough to take that huge risk that is writing something and having people read it out loud; to be one of the first to hear a new play.

I've already done two sessions this past year, and they were both amazing. Really cool work- about everything from clones to submarines, sex workers to rock stars- has come out of the class already. This past class was the first where we had actors from the DCPA education classes perform the work created in the playwriting class- and it was amazing. For a playwright, it is invaluable to have your work given life by actors.

I want to hear more!

If you live in Colorado, and want to join a writer's workshop that is both challenging, …


Want to have a great time, laughing and clapping and singing? Want to see amazing performers who can sing like angels, dance like devils, and charm you silly? Well, then get yourself to the FAC in Colorado Springs for their current production of the musical 9 to 5! It is one of the most enjoyable, funny, and energetic musical comedies I have seen in a long time.

Based on the movie of the same name, 9 to 5 follows three women in the work place as they deal with life, climbing the corporate ladder, and sexism in the workplace- which sadly is as topical today as when the original movie came out in 1980. (anyone who tells you different about how that's all a thing of the past is either a man or out of touch with reality) The script is by Patricia Resnick, who also wrote the film (there is an excellent article/interview with her in the program that I recommend); the music and lyrics are by Dolly Parton- who really is an excellent composer of musical theatre, it turns out. Together, the…


Me thought I heard a voice cry, 'Sleep no more! Macbeth hath murdered sleep!'
MacBeth, Act 2; Scene 2

I love the Scottish play. That's what a lot of theatre folk call Shakespeare's MacBeth. In fact, I rarely say the actual word, "MacBeth". You see, it's considered bad luck. Especially in a theatre. There are varying reasons given. Some say Shakespeare actually used real spells for the witches lines. Some say it is a cursed show because it deals with some historically nasty people who really did a lot of bad things. Some say it's just a bunch of old wives tales.

I believe.

And ever since I first heard of the Scottish play, and all of its tradition and mystery, I've been fascinated. Enchanted, you might say. I've read it, seen it, been in it. And I love it. I 've written a screenplay about theatre superstitions called Ghostlight, am working on another screenplay that takes the basic story of MacB- which for those who aren't familiar is a…


Theatre, when done right, is a place of magic. For as long as people have been around, one of the things we the people do- in every part of the globe- is gather together in large groups, sometimes around fires, sometimes in large darkened rooms, sometimes in grand palaces of art, and listen to storytellers who through the power of imagination somehow take us far, far away and show us tales of adventure and joy and sorrow and wonder. It is both simple and vastly complex, this thing we do. And when it is done right, the stories we are told remind us what it means to be a human being; how scary and tragic and fun and sublime it is to exist. One of the places I love the most for these theatrical journeys of the soul is the Theatre at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, and this past week-end they yet again took my on a fantastic voyage that was thrilling, heart warming, and invigorating. They did this with a show called Peter and the Starcatcher, the best show on the boards  that I&…


So. Many things going on in my life. Which is how I like it. I am working on a pilot for a show. Working title: Boogie Man. It's a paranormal series loosely connected to another project I am working on about Edgar Cayce. The pilot should be done soon, and sent to some folks who might be able to do something with it.

I would love to hear what folks think, so below is a sample scene. Please, comment on it, tell me you love it; you hate it; that it reminded you of a childhood experience. I am ready for all slings and arrows.  

Just read it.

I title my scenes, as well as episodes. This one is called Meet the Bride.


A hip young family are preparing breakfast on their up to date camping gear, dressed perfectly. Beautiful young MOTHER gathers dead wood for the fire, while FATHER makes healthy breakfast. Their three children run around the camp site playing tag.

MOTHER Is running around like that a good choice? Why don’t you take in nature a…


I went to the Colorado Democratic Caucus last night. I went because I give a shit. Because I think it's important to take part in the politics of our time. Because I'm an Eagle Scout, and as such I took an oath to do my best to do my duty to God and country. It was a madhouse- the line at the school where the caucus took place was very, very long. Out the door and around the block long. I got in line just before seven, but didn't get into the building until well past seven thirty. There were literally hundreds of people, standing in the cold, waiting patiently to participate in the nominating process. This was, to me, very exciting. I have seen and read many reports about how voter participation, on the democratic side, is way down this election cycle. It has always bugged me that we, as a nation, seem to find it really hard to get our asses to the voting booth. But here were all these folks, young and old, standing outside for almost an hour on a chilly early March night,…