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Well, the theatre at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs has given us yet another reason to get to the Springs. This time, it's their latest installation of Rough Writers, a play festival presenting staged readings of new works. This is a chance to see brand new work by playwrights at various stages in their careers, in a beautiful space in a wonderful town. There are many different plays you to see- one acts and full lengths, large and small casts- take your pick. And you can either buy one ticket to one reading, or for twenty dollars, see as many readings as you want. Twenty dollars. You know, the price of a couple of movie tickets, or a couple of drinks at Starbucks. And for that same twenty dollars, you can take part in the creation of a new show. How are you a part of it? Well, when the new plays are read, the playwright is there- listening to the audience and their reaction. For a playwright, this is a scary and wonderful experience- and vital to the process. When you …