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We can, and we will!

Ah, election season. Time for commercial after commercial with really over dramatic music, slo mo shots of the opposition that fade to black and white while an ominous voice tells us the end is nigh, and the disclaimer about how so-and-so approves of this ad. Yippee.
And along with that, the time honored tradition of complaining about it. It's really kind of amazing, when you step back and look at the bigger picture. We live in the land of opportunity, we really do- but somehow, most of us think it an affront to our way of life to have to listen to ads for a political candidate or initiative. For some reason, ads for politics piss us off. We can take ads for beer, fast food, oil, you name it- but not politics. Oh, we hate those ads. Maybe it's me- but I've heard more people complain about political ads than about all those public relations ads BP has been running for ever, trying to convince us that they love the Gulf of Mexico and all it's inhabitants. Why? …