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Two things to tell you about today.  First, a production of Burning the Old Man just opened in Pardubice, Czech Rebpublic, produced by Divadlo Exil.  This is the second production I've had done in the Czech Republic- and I am thrilled.  They have been fantastic, and by all accounts, the production is awesome.  Just check out this trailer they've made:

Burning the Old Man is probably my most successful play to date.  It won the 2005 NYIT Award for Outstanding Full Length Script, has been published by NYTE, Applause, and Smith & Kraus; and has been produced in Boomerang Theatre Company, Divadlo na Zabradli of Prague, and the aforementioned Divadlo Exil.  This past fall, Harvardwood did a reading of a screenplay based on the script, and it looks like there will be another production sometime this year in Brazil.

I am of course very proud of that.  I also encourage you to buy your own digital copy of it from Indie Theater Now, for about a buck fifty!

The second thing I want t…


My description of Fenway: Last of the Bohemains continues with the character of Madison.  I named the character Madison after the VJ from MTV Kennedy, who was this right wing, hipster that was all the rage for a while back in the day.  Get it?  Madison and Kennedy are both former presidents.  Oh, the cleverness of me!  Anyway, Kennedy always seemed a little nutty to me- like she was trying to prove something, and was sort of pissed off at the left for some unknown, personal reason that had nothing to do with politics.

Madison is the beautiful trophy wife of a right wing pundit named Big Jon.  Their marriage is not exactly the portrait of marital bliss   She once was a headstrong young woman in love with her college professor, Moss- but that was seven years ago.  She has since rejected the politics and idealism of the left for the supposedly more down to earth thinking of the right.   Now, Moss has come into her life again.  And to make matters worse, her step-daughter Sunny has just c…


As I've been saying, my play Fenway: Last of the Bohemians has just been published by Indie Theater Now.  It's an American Vanya, set on a fading commune in the mid-1980's.  Among the characters are Big Jon, a self proclaimed "born-again convservative".  Big Jon used to be a minor figure in the counter-cultural movement of the 1960's.  He got into the trouble with the law, and for years lived underground.  Now, he's sold out, become a conservative pundit, and has a new trophy wife, Madison.  Madison is coming to realize that life as a young Republican is not all it's cracked up to be.  Here's a bit of a scene between the two of them late one rainy night:

BIG JON Isn't it funny that everybody listens to Fenway and his fellow burn outs, but the moment I say a fucking word, everyone goes ballistic? Even if I am an asshole, even if I am a selfish jack-ass, haven't I the right to be one, at my age? Haven't I earned it? I'm seriously ask…


I have decided to give a bit about each character in my play Fenway: Last of the Bohemians, which has just been published online at Indie Theater Now.  Last time, we met Moss, the local doctor and environmentalist.  Now let's meet Fenway, the angst ridden survivor of the 1960's, and Zehner, local hippie who is not the brightest bulb in the show, as they chat with Moss.

MOSS Fen, what’s is going on here?
MOSS Everyone's acting weirder than usual.
FENWAY What are you talking about?  I am totally fine.  No- that's not true!  Jesus, I feel old- what the fuck happened to me?
MOSS Time, life, reality- the usual suspects.  So, that's Big Jon?
FENWAY Yeah, that's the Benedict Arnold of the Age of Aquarius.  "Finding Me- Confessions of a Former Radical; A How-to Guide for Born-Again Conservatives".  That's the eternal title of his latest, crapulous book.  He should’ve called it "Asshole- a true story".
MOSS Well, he-
FENWAY You know …


My play Fenway: Last of the Bohemians, just got published online by Indie Theatre Now. This is the fifth play I've had published on that most indispensable site, and I couldn't be happier.  Of course, the voices told me to cut an entire scene last night.  Woke me up, in fact.

What voices?  The ones that tell me what to do from time to time.  I know, that makes me insane.  I'm cool with that.  It's not like they're  telling me to go on a shooting spree or anything like that.  No, they just wake me up from time to time and tell me what to write.

What scene did they tell me to cut?  The first scene of the play.  The entire freakin' scene.

What's left?  A leaner, faster show- the product of several readings in NYC, a reading by Seattle Playwrights Collective, a production by Boomerang Theatre Company & Impetuous Theatre Group, and a workshop reading by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  As I wrote in my last entry, it's based on Uncle Vanya, by Anton Ch…


So Fenway: Last of the Bohemians, is set to be published online by Indie Theatre Now.
And I dig that.  As soon as it's up, I'll put the link up here.  Of course, you already can go there and buy Last Call, Muse of Fire, Burning the Old man, and Some Unfortunate Hour- all for less than a buck fifty.  
Anyway, below are my author's notes for Fenway.  No doubt, there are names missing that I will add as soon as I get them. 

AUTHOR’S NOTES – The inspiration to write Fenway came on the night that George W. Bush got re-elected.  I was at The Magician, a bar on the Lower East Side of NYC, watching the returns with some friends, and I wondered what happened to all those people from the 1960’s who were supposed to change the world?  Where were those lost idealists and protesters? It seemed like they had all vanished, died, or sold out.  I started to think about how liberalism had seemed to be on the decline in America since about 1980, when Reagan got elected, and how hippies were n…


So it's over a week into the new year, and I still haven't really made any resolutions.  As Rick Perry would say, oops.  It's not that I don't like resolutions or anything.  I usually make tons of them- this year, I'm going to write 5 new plays; this year, I'm going to exercise every morning; this year, I'm going to write in my journal for half an hour a day; I'm going to read a book a month; I'm going to be nicer to strangers; I'm going to finally remember how to fly like I can in that recurring dream.

There's no end to things I've made resolutions about.  But so far, mark me down for zippo this year.  Maybe it's the whole Mayan calendar end of the world thing.  Maybe it's the onset of a gigantic mid-life crisis, coupled with existential blues and compounded by a dulling of my brain by the constant news reports on the GOP primary.  I don't really know why I haven't made any promises to myself about what I want to do in …