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Open Letter to the Management

Dear Sir or Madam,Would you read my book?  Sorry, couldn't resist the Beatles reference.  I don't really know quite how to address you- in my own little life, I've called you all sorts of things- God, the Great Master of All Scouts, the Cosmos, Loki, Odin, Zeus, the Goddess, Mother Earth, Crazy Bastard- let's face it, there are lots of names for you- but I think they all point to the same thing- you, the head honcho, Optimus Prime on a galactic scale.  Anyway- here's the thing.  I was driving along on my way to work this morning, listening to talk radio and drifting through my morning thoughts when I came upon a memory of this talk given at one of the many Young Life meetings I went to when I was in high school.  It was an analogy about how you sacrificed your son to save the world.  The analogy went something like this:  a man was in charge of a draw bridge for trains.  He had a son who was a little rambunctious.  One day, a train was coming, and the bridge had ju…