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Scott Levy is my hero. Truly. Here is a man who gets things done, who makes thing happen- who knows what the f*#@ he is talking about- especially when it come to talking about theatre. Mr. Levy is the artistic director of the theatre at the Fine Arts Centerof Colorado Springs- which under his inspired guidance has become far and away the best theatre company in Colorado. His most recent triumph? The current production of the musical Mary Poppins- which is utterly charming, exciting, and heart-warming. The show is also proving to be amazingly popular- they have already added an extra week of performances. If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, giving someone a pair of tix to this outstanding show will definitely get you on their nice list.

The musical is based on both the Disney movie of the same name, and that movie's source material, the stories of P. L. Travers. It centers around the Banks family, who live in Victorian London and are in need of some guidance of the…


So busy of late. Little Shop of Horrors at the JCC, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters at Littleton Town Hall, A Midsummer Night's Dream at DAT, Sweet Charity at StageDoor- I work on a lot of shows. So what do I do next? Film a horror film as part of a class at Reel Kids. The movie is called Ghostlight, and it's a thriller centered around a high school theatre department. It's the kind of movie  Joss Whedon should direct, in my humble opinion. I've had a couple of different classes read the script together, and the feedback has been amazing- you can tell when people genuinely like something. Anyway, I want to share some of the script with you- so here a bit of the opening:


The theatre is empty, the only light a lamp in the middle of the stage. FOOTSTEPS AND WHISPERED VOICES approach. A KEY TURNS IN A LOCK. A DOOR CREAKS open. At the doorway is a group of high school kids, ready to party. MILTON, freshman drama geek, nervousl…