Governor Strangelove and How I Stopped Worrying

For the past two weeks, the world has seemed to be slouching toward Armageddon yet again-to be not only flirting with disaster, but making sweet love to it- and the harbinger of this awful vision was a lipstick wearing Pit Bull named Sarah Palin. It's like everyone drank the Republican Kool Aid and believed that Senator Voldemort and Governor Dolores Umbridge(to nowhere) were bound to win and that was that. Game Over, my friends, and get ready for four more years of- well, you get the picture.

But then, when things looked just awful and all was lost, like Gandalf showing up at Helms Deep, that sweet feeling of hope returned to my heart, and it all got better. Quite quickly. Now, I'm not talking about that odd interview with Charlie up north- to me, that sense of dread passed a few days before we all learned that you can see Russia from parts of Alaska. That just confirmed what I sensed to be true- the jig is up, the genie is out of the bottle, and happy days are here again.

I believe that the McCain ticket has reached it's high water mark, and now has nowhere to go but down into obscurity, to lost honor and ignominy.

Don't believe me? Just look at what was on tv this past week. There was Old Johnny on the View getting beat up on-including accusations of approving of lies and distortions- and the reaction to said beating is McCain being booed by an audience comprised mainly of women who look like the people I am supposed to believe are now moving in droves to the GOP ticket. There was also that ridiculous ad accusing the other side of teaching little kids about sex when in reality they were teaching them how to avoid predators. Of course, there was Governor Strangelove freaking out on national tv, winking, fidgeting, and kind of rambling. I mean, it was weird- I don't care what the pundits from her party say, Palin seemed like someone who'd taken a lot of cocaine and was trying to maintain because their parents have dropped in unexpectantly.

And there was Obama on Letterman, smiling and speaking with confidence and ease in front of a cheering audience. There was Obama at a news conference talking about lipstick and pigs with power and dignity and grace- which is what he does well, and which is why he is the nominee.

Beyond all that, I have a gut feeling that it's over for the goon squad that is the McCain-Palin ticket. People always say to follow your instinct, because it's almost always right. I've found that to be true in all my personal experiences. This innate sense of hope is the same feeling I got during the Schiavo thing- that feeling that the free ride was over for the right wing, that the pendulum of politics had swung as far right as it was going to swing, that the worm had turned. Right now there are lots of people on the left who are in a panic- they have seen idiots elected before, they have seen nasty ads work, they've seen a vast majority of America appear to be blind, deaf, and dumb- and I understand that. I do. But it's over. Time to realize that McCain-Palin is the real bridge to nowhere, and that we are all going to rise and say, loud and clear, thanks but no thanks.


Ryan said…
Great post Kelly! Keep 'em coming!!

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