We can, and we will!

Ah, election season. Time for commercial after commercial with really over dramatic music, slo mo shots of the opposition that fade to black and white while an ominous voice tells us the end is nigh, and the disclaimer about how so-and-so approves of this ad. Yippee.

And along with that, the time honored tradition of complaining about it. It's really kind of amazing, when you step back and look at the bigger picture. We live in the land of opportunity, we really do- but somehow, most of us think it an affront to our way of life to have to listen to ads for a political candidate or initiative. For some reason, ads for politics piss us off. We can take ads for beer, fast food, oil, you name it- but not politics. Oh, we hate those ads. Maybe it's me- but I've heard more people complain about political ads than about all those public relations ads BP has been running for ever, trying to convince us that they love the Gulf of Mexico and all it's inhabitants. Why? Is it just a way of venting that everyone accepts, so we pour our frustration at life in general into those specific commercials? Is it purely aesthetic? Is what angers us about them the poor production values and cheesy voice overs? Just wondering.

Another topic I've been pondering: it is considered rude to talk politics with anyone who has a different view than you do? I have often heard it said that one should never talk politics or religion. That to me is kind of crazy- why shouldn't we talk about what we believe in? Why is it that in a supposedly democratic society we are given, as common wisdom, the advice not to talk politics? I've been doing some work for a political organization out here in Colorado, talking to people door to door about the upcoming election- and it's been really amazing. I am finding that most people really don't mind talking politics, once the ice is broken. But that breaking of the ice is key. Usually, when someone opens the door, they assume I am some evil seller of some evil product. Then, when they find out I want to talk politics, they kind of roll their eyes. But after that, by and large, most folks are happy to tell me what they think, what they're worried about, what political decisions have affected their lives. It's nice to experience. Of course, there are some who can't be bothered to talk with anyone who has the audacity of coming to their door. And some folks are just plain crazy. But the majority of people I've met so far are just families and individuals, all trying to do what they think is best, and have a good life while doing it. I have also not experienced the so called "enthusiasm gap" that is supposedly infecting the democratic party. All the democrats I've spoken with- and I speak to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents of all stripes- seem quite energetic about the upcoming elections. That might be because the opposition in our state is a little bit this side of looney- and just a little bit. Anyway- my point is this- talk politics. Talk religion. Talk about anything you like- if you do it with respect, listen to the other person, and don't yell, you can really find out some interesting things, and make lots of new friends while doing it.

And please, register to vote, and then do so- if you can vote by mail, do it as soon as you get your ballot. Why take any chances. I do think the races are all tight, but I also know that there are more democrats and progressive minded folks out there than there are tea party members and conservatives. Have faith, my friends- we still can, and we will make the world a better place, bit by bit. (if you are reading this and are conservative and/or tea party- sorry, I'm a commie pinko lefty, and I want the Dems to win, and win big)

So, if some person comes knocking on your door and wants to talk with you about the upcoming election- why not take a few minutes and meet a fellow American? Look at it this way- you will probably get to miss a few of those horrible commericals on the tv.


Stuart said…
Nice reflective piece, Kelly!

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