Monday, July 20, 2015


So I am busy a lot. I direct shows all over, write as often as I can, teach in many places, and am actively pursuing selling my screenplays.

Right now, I am directing the musical Honk! at Reel Kids, and next week I start a production of Avenue Q there as well. (slots are still open, if you are a teen ager and want to do a show with dirty jokes, puppets, and awesome songs) I am also in pre-production for Lend Me a Tenor with Inspire/Creative in Parker. This is a show with adults, and my first full production down there and I am very excited. I am also gearing up for a production of the Drowsy Chaperone at the Wolf Theatre at the Denver JCC which starts in September.  I am also getting ready to create a brand new show with a group of young artists at the Logan School, where I will be teaching this coming year. And I will also be doing a Glee inspired show up at StageDoor in Conifer to round out my fall/winter session.

Writing wise, I am working on a new pilot called Boogie Man, a paranormal series that is part homage, part parody of all the semi-reality based shows out there about ghosts, Bigfoot, Aliens, and the like. I am also adapting my book for the musical Rose Red (which was just produced in Ohio, making a total of four full productions so far) into a screenplay. I am also currently shopping my feature screenplays Burning the Old Man and Ghostlight to managers, agents, and production companies. There have been several script requests, which is awesome- but no solid offers yet. I stress the yet.

Teaching: like I said, I will be teaching drama at the Logan School, as well as doing a multi-media class at The Finest High School, an alternative high school in Evergreen Village. And I will also be teaching film at Reel Kids. Oh! Almost forgot- I'll also be directing a production of The Little Mermaid there this Fall. And there is a good chance I'll be doing some playwriting workshops for the Denver Center as well.


What is there to do, but take a walk with the dog everyday, take advantage of my three free months of Apple Music and listen to as much music as I can (already doing that and have found lots of good tunes, like Le Femme D'argent by Air, Elevator Operator by Courtney Barnett, and Astral Weeks by Van Morrison), read some good books (currently on a Patton Oswalt kick) and watch good movies like Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, and good tv shows like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and hold my wife a lot, and breathe, and remember this is the only life I get and it is way better than being born a bit of dust out by Pluto or something.

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